spring doings

anne and meadow







There has been a lot going on in our lives this spring. Spring seems to be like that – energy ramps up and things-to-do increase (and I am more excited about all the things to do), yet the beauty unfolding each day makes me want to slow down and enjoy it.  Another life balance, I guess.

One beautiful weekend, the girls rode in a horse show.  It was a schooling show (meaning it was not terribly formal and more for fun and practice than real competition – at least that’s what I think!) at Biltmore, so it still felt a bit fancy.  They had a good time, and overcame their nervousness, bringing in a few ribbons.  I am reluctant to continue to have them compete in horse shows.  It is expensive and high-pressure, but they do enjoy it and it is fun to watch.

We’ve been out hiking a bit this past week (I am so incredibly happy to have warm weather to make it easy to get out).  Which I do less of than I’d like, especially seeing as we live in the heart of great hiking in NC. But, my mother and one of her friends came up to hike last week.  We hiked beautiful trails, saw wildflowers and nice views.  The children hiked with us a few times.  The three youngest happened to be home with strep throat (feeling fine but quarantined from school) one day and we walked up to a bald nearby.  The older two raced up the mountain, stopping to wait for us at intervals.  It was great to see them having fun together as those middle two don’t often get their own attention, and generally play with their other sister and brother.  So, it was wonderful to watch as they played, ran, and laughed together.

I’ve also been working in the garden, enjoying the flowers (it has been smelling nice around our house for weeks now), and loving the porch living that spring brings (posts to come).

I hope you, too, are enjoying this spring.



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