flowers and buds



blackberriesblack gum

I love spring tree and flower buds and blooms.  To me, they are the most beautiful things to witness all year.  Fall is pretty, glorious in splendid warm colors of red, orange and brown, but spring is sweetness, subtlety, and star-laden.  There is a hopefulness about spring, reminding us of new beginnings and refreshing starts.  Spring is the time I want to stop to recognize and enjoy the new blooms each day, the green as it creeps a little further up the mountain, leaves emerging from the tightness of a bud.

Dull olive and reddish brown change to emerald.  Birds sing all day.

A fine layer of yellow pollen covers most things, inside and out.  Until a rainstorm chases you in from the garden and drenches the laundry you have hanging on the line. Keeping it real, but life is sweet.

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