spring break

The school the children go to has a 2 week spring break, which we took full advantage of.  We made it to the beach with the in-laws and cousins, and then to Elizabeth City for a short visit, then back home to work in the garden, ride horses and attend parties.  And before we started on all those adventures, we “had” to stay around for Easter, or more specifically for Easter egg hunts.  It is a truly lovely time of year around here, with trees starting to leaf out, plants flowering everywhere, and (often, but not always) a mild and enjoyable temperature. Easter is always picturesque at the Big House (William’s grandparents home), even when it is raining.


Easter at the farm may entail using egg crates when you loose your Easter basket.


We had a great time at the beach and one of my favorite things was seeing the cousins playing together – and having lots of aunt time (myself being an aunt and children with their aunts).  There was lots of sandcastle building, wave riding, ocean dunking (the adults couldn’t really hang in that cold ocean like the kids could!), game playing, bike riding, and music making.  We had the obligatory puzzle which everyone worked on when they could.  And, it may be the first time we’ve been able to have a puzzle out without worrying about a toddler pulling it all apart (big step!).  After a few days, the boys figured out the palmetto branch stems made excellent swords and battle spears, so there were some major battles and a few minor skirmishes on the beach an around the house for a few days.  And, there was a lot of relaxing – reading on the beach, sleeping in, glass of wine in the afternoon while beach gazing.  It was a nice vacation.



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