birthday surprise

We are living the birthday month strong right now.  Evva’s birthday is followed exactly 2 weeks later by Anne’s birthday, which is followed exactly 3 weeks later by my birthday.  Mine, of course, is not quite as important at this time of life as theirs – and quite right.  I am consulted on themes, fun activities, and cake flavors for weeks, maybe months for their birthdays.  This year, Anne overwhelmed herself thinking about the party plans.  Should she do this activity or that?  Sleep over or not?  Which games?  Which friends? She finally turned to me and said, “I want a surprise party”.  This put all the decisions in our court.  William thought she would most like to have a stereotypical surprise party where everyone hides and jumps out to yell “Surprise!!” when the birthday person arrives.  We would invite lots of her friends, have a few games, cake, presents, and playtime.

So, that’s what we did.  Anne knew there was going to be a party, but we played it down a lot and wouldn’t talk about it.  Her friends were good about not giving it away either.  William took her, Evva, and a friend horseback riding, and all the guests arrived.  Everyone hid, then jumped out with “Surprise!” when Anne walked in the house.  She was shocked and surprised and very happy.  William had set up a treasure hunt which sent the group of 21 children racing through the damp, cold weather for about a half mile, looking for clues to get back to the treasure.  It was fun to see them all running through the gray day in their brightly colored jackets, laughing (and then panting as they had to go up yet another hill).  Then, we had a doughnut eating contest.  A race to try an eat a doughnut that is hanging from a string without using your hands.  It is very tricky!  And, hilarious – which is the point, I think!

I made Anne a lemon cake with raspberry icing (which is what I will make myself for my birthday – so good).   Some sweet friends had brought over streamers and balloons before the party. Present opening was fun – with lots of books and arts/craft supplies.  Her group of friends are really wonderful – fun and kind – and Anne loves them.  Anne said this birthday was her favorite, and I was so glad.



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