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southern africa adventure

I got back from my 2 week trip to Southern Africa just a week ago!  With my mother, and through the company Natural Habitat Adventures, we visited Zambia (Livingston), Botswana (Okavango Delta region in the north), and South Africa (though that was almost entirely the Jo’burg airport!).  I learned an impressive amount of information about the ecosystems, animals, politics, and culture of the areas we visited.  Our guide was amazing, and the whole experience was wonderful.

Be warned, this post will be very photo heavy, and may take a few moments to get them all uploaded.  I practiced my amateur photography on this trip, and there were a few things I should have done differently.  First, as much as I love my 50 mm lens (and love the uses I have for it), I should have rented at least a 300mm to take on this trip.  It would have helped me to have clearer photos and I think given me more range in what I could have photographed fairly well.  I am happy with what I got, though, and I enjoyed having so much time to learn and practice.  I used my DSLR Nikon D3200 for most of these, though I also have a Canon Powershot SX260 point and shoot which has a zoom feature which I used for the first few days before the battery ran out (second thing I would do differently would be to take a universal camera battery charger, and not my extra lens that was no better than the 50 mm).  It was nice to have a light, simple, high functioning  point-and-shootcamera for some of these moments.

In a village we visited in Zambia
beatiful girl
Sweet child who accompanied us through her village tour.
eating and snorkling
We saw many elephants in the Okavango region of Botswana, though this was on the Chobe River.


cleaning grass
The elephants swish the grass through the water to clean off sand before they eat it.
crocodylus niloticus
Quite a few crocs along the river bank of the Chobe River,
As well as beautiful birds, like this Malachite Kingfisher.
hippo with cut
Hippo (with a cut under his eye) in the Chobe River
lioness drinking
Lioness drinking at sunset.
sunset at linyanti
Sunset at the Linyanti Swamp.


Warthog in his den



fork tailed drongo
Forked tailed drongo
hidden spots
Hidden spots . . . this leopard in Gomoti.
basket making
I learned a tiny bit about traditional Botswana basket making from these wonderful women. They weave baskets with grasses and palm fronds dyed with natural materials they gather in the Delta. And, they use a very sharp needle to make the holes to weave!
baskets traditional
Some of the baskets. Traditional designs include “tears of the giraffe”, “water lily”, and “urine trail of the bull”(!)

lily in the delta

sunset at pelo
Sunset at Pelo


sb storck
Saddle-bill stork


upside down yawn
lion brothers lounging
lemme and mom
Mom with Lemme, our guide during the trip. We went on a walking safari this day, and getting out of the vehicle and walking through the bush was quite nice. Looking for ants, not lions.
morning with one of the brothers
He was waiting on a lady (lioness) who was displeased with his attentions.
kudu reflection
kudu crossing
baboon reflection
baboon reflection at a watering hole – the whole family was there
sunset tubu
sunset at Tubu

This was an amazing trip, and I am missing the landscape, the openness, the beauty, and the people.

I hope to get back someday – maybe with my whole family.