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snow days







I’ve not written much here lately.  I seem to go through a super busy phase each fall now.  Then, I was gone for half of November and December and at the end of December, I bought a business, which has kept me quite on my toes. But,I want to make writing more of a discipline, so I will try to be more active here!

Anyway, we had a couple of snow days last week, and by definition in the South anyway, that means everything stops and you don’t do much of anything but play in the snow, drink tea or hot chocolate (or something stronger), cozy up by the fire, and maybe do something dangerous out in the snow (driving; getting pulled on a sled/snowboard/etc behind a truck or horse; stuff like that).

The snow was beautiful, the temperatures cold, and it made for a fluffy, light snow that stuck around for a few days – though day 2 and 3 were pretty icy.  For the first year since having children, we sledded for hours and everyone was happy to be outside for long period of time.  Maybe that was because everyone had adequately warm winter clothing (and there wasn’t a baby who didn’t like the cold wet stuff).  I grew up where we did not get much snow.  Maybe once a year we got a dusting, and every couple of years we would get a couple of inches.  I heard tell of the “big snowstorm” from 1980 (I think?) when I was a baby where northeastern NC got nearly 3 feet of snow!  But, normally, we had sparse snow coverage.  And for some reason (finances? no-snow-expected? out-grew snow clothes too quickly?) we were never very well outfitted for winter weather when I was a child.  We played in the snow in jeans and cotton sweatshirts. My mother put us in trash bags if we got more than a dusting of snow so we could play longer without getting too wet and cold.  We put plastic bags around our feet before putting them in our shoes and that would keep our feet drier a bit longer. Now, there is winter gear for every age – and it is good winter gear: waterproof, insulated, etc.  I would probably rely more on trash bags with our children, but luckily William is a winter weather- and gear- lover and each year makes sure everyone has all the gloves, socks, boots, coats they need.  I take care of knitting the hats (each year I need to knit a couple more).  And, everyone is amazingly warm and happy to be outside for long periods of time.

Though the snow is beautiful and lots of fun to play it, I am always ready to see it go and life get back to normal.  I am torn between wanting lots more snow and hoping we don’t get any more.

What did you grow up with for winter/snow clothes?  Do you love snow or hope you don’t see much this year?