Daily Archives: August 25, 2016

in the water

We have been in the water a lot this summer.  The Tuckaseegee River, the Chesapeake Bay, the Pasquotank River, and most often, the pool at William’s uncle’s house.  We call the pool the Fairview Country Club and try to get over there every afternoon that is not stormy.  It is a small pool with a diving board at one end, and steps decending into the pool at the other end.  The steps have been great for the younger children as they get used to being in the water.  They can touch the bottom and learn how their bodies work in the water while feeling safe.  As they get more confident, they leave the steps and start swimming.

This summer, Hythe made the transition from staying mostly at the steps, to swimming (dog-paddling) from the steps to an underwater bench on the side of the shallow end.  He paddled back and forth along the edge of the pool for a few weeks.  Then, he got up the courage to jump from the side of the pool into my arms.  A few weeks later her jumped into the pool on his own.  He was so excited to figure out that he could do it, that soon he was jumping into the deep end on his own and swimming all over the pool.  Within two weeks of learning he could jump into the pool by himself, he was actually doing flips into the deep end of the pool.  One day he said, “mom, watch this” and flipped into the pool.  I couldn’t believe it!  He’d not even been jumping into the water 2 weeks before!

He carried his flipping and love of jumping in to all the water we visited this summer, most notably, the Pasquotank River, where my mother lives.  The water there is too deep for him to touch, but deep enough to jump safely (we taught him quite a bit of water and diving safety once we realized he loved it so much).  He would jump, flip, and dive for as long as we stay at the pool or by the water.  He really grew up this summer, and I loved seeing his confidence and abilities grow so amazingly.