wildlife at our house (cute and creepy)


turtle and kids


The other day, Evva found this tiny turtle right behind our house.  She thought it was a toy until she saw it move.  It was the cutest little turtle I’ve ever seen.  We had a hard time sending it back out into that large scary world, but we did so (and very quickly since we didn’t want to disturb such a little creature).

Then, the next day, we found a large black snake slithering across our front porch, and a few minutes later, another in the driveway.  The kids followed them around for a little while until they lost interest (kids, not snakes).  I hope they (snakes, not kids) go eat the voles in my garden (and not the baby turtle!).




2 thoughts on “wildlife at our house (cute and creepy)

  1. Goodness! iI would be terrified if a snake slithered through my house! Especially a black snake like that! I wouldn’t care whether or not they would be harmful to humans, I’d just want them out of my house!

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