Daily Archives: June 19, 2016







I made a vat of indigo dye the other day, partly to practice for a class I am going to teach next month on natural dying, partly because I needed something creative and fun for the kids to do, and partly because I hated the dull gray linen napkins we use all the time.  Those napkins looked like dirty dish water and I was getting to the point that I wanted to give them away.  But, they are so useful, large, and we had LOTS of them.  I gave two to each child and showed them what the possibilities were with the dye and rubber bands, and I let them go.  They came up with some pretty great creations, which they were so very proud of – “here’s MY napkin”, “mom, put MY napkin in my lunchbox”.  It was a lot of fun, and felt almost like magic to take the napkins out of the dye vat looking bright green and watch them turn dark blue as the pattern was revealed when the rubber bands were taken out.  A pretty great afternoon activity – and that dye bucket is still going – hopefully for most of the summer.  I’m thinking I’ll dye some stained clothes, fabric, more napkins, etc.