spring forward






in the garden

garden  helper

broccoli sprouts


Spring has definitely sprung here in the last week.  We’ve had warm weather, trees and flowers are blooming, birds are singing, frog eggs are hatching.  We planted peas, carrots, spinach, and beets in the garden.  I finished pruning the blueberries, and have been spreading mulch and weeding during free moments.  We ate baby kale and collard sprouts from the winter garden last night.

Hythe brought home some frog eggs from a little fountain outside of someone’s house a few weeks ago.  They hatched after a few days and it was fun to see the little tadpoles wriggle out of their eggs.  He has been very protective of the tadpoles, and sometimes reads to them.  He’s been having me boil lettuce “for 15 minutes, mom” to feed the tadpoles.  I have no idea if that is really a food that tadpoles eat, but they are all still alive and growing.  I don’t know what kind of frog/toad they are, but we’ll see soon, I hope.  Everyone has enjoyed watching them grow.

Anne’s birthday is on the first day of spring which currently looks as if it will be cold and rainy (maybe even snowy).  She’s been quite down about the irony of spring weather – actually quite outraged that spring would do something so unpleasant on the first day of the season and her birthday, no less!

And, the time change threw us off this week.  I’ve been forgetful and harried, and the children have been tired. We started the week off by showing up to church an hour late, completely forgetting about the time change.  And, I’ve ended the week completely forgetting about driving carpool to school and the volunteer work I was supposed to do this morning (which I did, but showed up an hour late!).

But, spring is so beautiful.  I feel a little affronted, like Anne, that we will have cold rain (and snow?) this weekend, but it is spring, and spring weather is fickle.  Surely we have to have some of that coldness and rain mixed in with the sun and warmth.  It will keep things beautiful and growing.



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