birthday girl

sorting hat



broomstick relay

Evva turned 9 this week, and we had a Harry Potter themed birthday party for her, which I think might have been her favorite birthday party yet.  It was pretty laid back, but we all have fun planning the activities.  We had a sorting hat which actually talked (through the phone hidden under the stool), wand decorating, a broom stick relay, potions making, and tea leaf reading.  There was a good mix of structured Harry Potter things to do and lots of free time to play on swings, climb trees, and giggle. And, the weather was perfect.

birthday girl

Evva got a stuffed polar bear (her favorite animal) and roller blades from us.  She (and Hythe) have been getting around the house on wheels lately, and it is pretty funny.  It might help them with working on household chores if they can roller blade to set the table or pick up toys.

A few days later, we went to the library where Hythe found a selection of horse books.  He checked them out and really wanted to give them to Evva as his birthday present to her. He wrapped them up and presented them to her when she got home from soccer practice.  He was so excited to have a present to give her, and it was very sweet to see him being so thoughtful of his sister.  Evva loved the books, and didn’t mind at all that they had to be returned in 3 weeks.  Cute, sweet, and funny!



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